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“If the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change in the inside, the end is near”
Jack Welch

Frequently asked question

Why should I consider having a part-time CFO ?2022-11-22T10:02:52+01:00

Most small and middle-sized companies have no daily challenge needing the level and the cost of an experienced CFO. But they would still benefit having this experience on a weekly or monthly basis. The punctual presence concentrates the focus on company strategy and important issues, leaving the responsibility of day-to-day work on the team that can grow in knowledge, autonomy and motivation while still being supervised.

Do we provide training?2022-11-15T11:11:19+01:00

Yes, we can organize and provide training on any management and finance subject. Also, our finance and management support is always delivered with aim to get your team to learn and grow in competence.

Do you provide accounting services ?2022-11-22T09:45:36+01:00

DGtop provides finance management services. We can help you to build and structure your own accounting department, a remote finance shared service or to find a trustful accountant company, but we are not providing accounting services.

Do you coach executives ?2022-11-03T08:06:48+01:00

We coach finance executives on all aspects of their role :

  • Technical support and best practice – on all areas they may be in charge or involved like finance, but also HR, legal or IT.
  • Role support, clarifying all tasks expected from them and how to increase their added value for the company.
  • Management support on team management and the responsibility structure to implement
  • Stimulation support : strategic thinking, challenging ideas and proposing different views
  • Personal support, sharing experiences and advises from peer CFO.
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