About DGtop

DGtop provides finance management services to help companies grow and thrive. From Strategy definition to its operational application, we support you in your transition.

The company has been founded in December 2017 offering services for digital transformation, GIS (Geographic Information System) and consulting on management and strategy.

It starts immediately with a major digital transformation mandate for a subsidiary of a major oil and gas company, including the transfer of their complex Geographic Information System (GIS) into the cloud. The project will mobilize more than 10 people and will be successfully concluded in December 2018 as planned.

From 2022 DGtop focus on CFO mandates and consulting on finance, corporate strategy and management with a new team of seasoned professionals.


Good financial management is the key to success.
Whatever the size of the company.

The world is in constant evolution, Companies have permanently to navigate and adapt themselves, or even to develop new strategies. But to drive the business , they must have complete and reliable data of the situation, structured in such a way as to understand all its facets.

That’s the reason we say that good finance management is the key to success. However, many companies do not have the need or the means to have a real full-time CFO.

Yet all should be able to rely on an experienced professional who can organize and interpret their finance, accompany them in their projects and transformations and stimulate the development of winning strategies.

On demand, but also able to follow them in the long term.

That’s why DGtop offers the services of an experienced CFO only the number of days needed for optimal impact.

Thus the CFO focuses on its real added value and the entire team is better empowered while being guided.

Finally, the company is moving better and faster.